Singing In A World That's Falling Apart
Singing In A World That's Falling Apart
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↪ Based in London, Nick Offord is a multidisciplinary photographer and artist who explores documentary, art, and fashion through his camera. Driven by a spirit of freedom he was compelled to follow his camera to the vast in-between of America in order to investigate his subjects.

↪ Nick is attracted to the raw edges of society and is on the hunt for stories and people who are unapologetically themselves. At the end of 2019, he hitchhiked from New York to Los Angeles with no accommodations, no planned route, and just enough money to stave off hunger and thirst. Nick's goal was to discover the implicit freedoms and unspoken restrictions unique to the United States by meeting a cross-section of its populace and seeing the country firsthand. Despite often hostile environments, Nick was met with genuine kindness and hospitality at nearly every turn, offering a glimpse into the true heart of America. Throughout his journey, he walked through vast industrial and suburban landscapes, got lost on endless dusty roads in the southern states, and encountered towering ghost towns left by unfettered globalization. The harsh realities of life on the bottom rung were evident in every town, revealing both the good and the bad. The experience shattered some stereotypes and confirmed others, presenting a raw, unfiltered view of the country.

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